The Spirit-Filled Family – Part IV

Last week, we continued our series on the Spirit-Filled Family by looking further into the role of the Spirit-filled wife.

If you remember, we touched on the husband being the head of the wife. Him who has authority. This is not a New Testament development. This is something that was laid down from the beginning of Creation (Gen_3:9). The exchange was between Adam and God, not Eve. Adam, the man/male/husband was given the responsibility of being the head. So a husband’s authority is God ordained. This has nothing to do with culture and customs. It has to do with calling and creation.

The wife is called to be subject and submit herself to the authority of her husband. The role of the wife is not about value. No one inferior or superior. There is equal value of men and women in the kingdom of God (Galatians 3:28). The role is about position. It is about function. When we fulfill those functions as God has ordained, we are a witness to a watching world that we are one in Christ. we should seek to fulfill those roles without complaint, grumbling and excuses.

One key point in comprehending submission is that it is a call to understand and then to modify our behavior within the tenets of Scripture to reflect that understanding. A submissive wife seeks to understand her own husband and please him while the husband seeks the same for his wife. Just as we as the church seek to understand and please the Lord, so the wife should seek to understand and please her husband (1Co_7:33-34).

This headship is analogous to Christ being head over the church. In the same token, he should be willing to be the Savior of the body. Its deliverer and protector. Protecting and preserving should come naturally and it’s something that the wife should expect from her husband. Some husbands have this more so than others. Some have to cultivate this virtue more than others. But for it to be altogether absent means that there is a major problem with that man.

The authority given to the man obligates him to lead. There’s no getting around this. If you are a husband, you are a leader. You are to lead your wife and children. It is out of the divine order and abnormal for the wife to lead the family. Normal is what we are being conformed to be. The wife was not created for the role of authority and leadership. Some husbands may have to learn how to lead but it is necessary that they do lead.

This week, we’ll conclude the Spirit-Filled wife and move on to the Spirit-Filled Husband in our Spirit-Filled Family Series.

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