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The Armor of God
Ephesians 6:14 – Part IV

When we were in the book of Ephesians, we took a look at the purpose of the armor of God and how we were to supposed to implement it. The first thing that we said was that we are responsible for wearing our own armor. Just like a soldier is provided with his equipment for battle in the battlefield by the service which he is enlisted in, so must the Christian soldier must take the necessary actions to make sure they are equipped to do the job they are called to do as soldiers.

The reason why we have so many Christians who look down, depressed and defeated is because they do not consistently take up the armor of God. The devil loves to harass people like this and attempts to seduce them away from the Christian life because they are so beat up and battered from their own disobedience. They don’t see it that way and Satan makes sure that they don’t see it that way.

This is the armor that He gives for our victory in Christ. In this verse, it is not just armor by itself but whole armor as a phrase taken together. The Greek word for it is panoplia where we get the word panoply and it means what we think it means. All. Every part. Complete. There is no piece-mealing of these parts. They are taken as a whole together and missing one of these pieces means the armor is deficient. It’s all or nothing. This has then the idea that we should be at the ready at all times.

We saw that the purpose of the armor was so that we would be able to stand and withstand. Stand, meaning to be immovable, and withstand, meaning to resist. We are to do both and the only way that we are going to be able to do both is by having on the whole armor of God.

It’s important to understand that though there is not demonic activity under every rock, they do exist and they do attack and harass believers in Christ. We are warned in verse 12 that our enemies are formidable. So, we must be prepared and we don’t pick fights with demons. We don’t go around making proclamations about binding demons and the devil. We don’t poke the bear. We may go into places where we know we are liable to get attacked, but we do not go looking for a fight. That’s foolishness and stupidity. When the enemy shows up, we deal with him and move on. The main thing is the mission. God’s mission for us as His people, corporately and individually.

Not only does this apply to direct demonic forces, but it applies to those things that those forces use as stumbling blocks and temptations in our lives. We don’t put ourselves in a situation where there will be alcohol if we used to be drunks. You don’t put yourself in a situation where you would be alone with a woman and presume nothing will happen ever. That’s presumption. We always take precautions because we should always be sober and vigilant because the devil is seeking to devour us. This decreases dramatically when we order our lives not to give the devil and opportunity.

The armor is supposed to protect us in the evil day. There are many views on what “the evil day” is. The view I come down on is that the evil day is the day that satan has sway and influence and that is every day until the Lord Jesus comes back. Some days are more intense than others so we must wear the armor daily because every day is an evil day.

Having presented us with our part in procuring the armor and the reason for the armor, Paul now lists the different parts of that armor. Inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, he begins to list this spiritual armor for victory in our steadfast resistance against our enemy.

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