Welcome to the Berean Home Fellowship site, the fledgling ministry of bible teacher and pastor David W. Washington. We hope that you use the site for your encouragement, edification, and strengthening of your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

First, take a look around the site that we’ve made as simple as we can. On the far right, you’ll find other doctrinally sound, bible teachers and resources we suggest you use for helping you to be independent on your dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ.Ā  We also have bible lessons that we’re currently going through, and BHF podcasts you can listen to.

If you have any questions about Berean Home Fellowship, how to become a Christian, or have questions about the Bible, feel free to write us at BHF@bereanhomechurch.com. Come back often as we’ll be adding more and more to the site, God willing, and have a plethora of Christian material for you to listen to and be a part of.

God bless you.

Jude 2