Preaching With Authority – Part 1

Mark 1:21-22

Last time we were in the gospel of Mark, the Lord Jesus called his first disciples. The first two disciples he called were the brothers Simon Peter and Andrew. The next two disciples he called were James and John, the sons of Zebedee. What we saw in that calling was that all of these men dropped what they were doing and follow Jesus immediately at that moment. That adverb immediately is a very popular word in this gospel.

In that narrative, we saw that when Jesus calls, the chosen follow in everything changes. When Jesus calls, for those who are the chosen of the Lord, everything stops. It is a shaking of one’s existence. It is not an upgrade of our dead spiritual animation with some added perks on the outside. It is an invitation to life. True life. Eternal life. It is the injecting of a spiritual earthquake into the bedrock of our souls. His call makes us stop whatever we were doing and pay attention. It is a call that opens eyes to see and ears to hear. It is His call that enlightens our mind so we no longer are in darkness because the Light of the world has illuminated our lives and changed our makeup as human beings (Ephesians 5:8, 2 Corinthians 5:17).

We then looked at the price of this call for these men. They had successful businesses, but when they heard the call, they abandoned their own livelihood. To be Christ disciple is costly. It is clear that God calls us to a radical abandoning of everything to make it subordinate to him in our lives (Mat_10:37-39).

We noted that Jesus came to this fishing town and did something out of the ordinary. In those times, people who wanted to learn under a particular teacher would seek that teacher out and then have to pass muster on whether they would accept them as a student and disciple of that teacher. In other words, they had to put in their application and see if it would be admitted, very much how we do things for college today.

But Jesus didn’t do that. Jesus chose those who He wanted to be his disciples. This should give us immense comfort because we have been handpicked by God. Anyone who is saved is saved because the Lord has chosen them. The Father has given us to the Son as a love gift. We did not choose God. We did not cooperate with God until God changed us from the inside out. We are the handpicked of the Lord out of the world to be His own eternally. There is a great blessing in that, and our hearts should be unending in thankfulness for this privilege.

This morning, we will continue in the first chapter of the gospel of Mark as we follow the Lord Jesus and His new disciples. We will take a look at what the Lord Jesus did and how He did it.

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