Sinners In the Hand of An Angry God

We here at Berean Home Fellowship believe in the rich heritage of anointed and blessed teachers and preachers of the past. We are dedicated to spreading the Word of God which stands forever. To that end, we will have audio podcasts of some of the most famous and influential sermons of the past that have put forth the eternal truths of the word of God that is timeless.

To begin, we start with one if not the most famous sermon in American history: Sinners In the Hands of An Angry God. In this five part series, Edwards lays out the position of the unbeliever in relation to God and the utter heinousness of sin in His sight. It is a poignant and terrifying look into the holiness of the Most High God.

The series is read by Pastor David as he attempts to emotes the powerful truths and imagery that was locked in the minds of those who heard it first 1741. Enjoy.


State of Humankind – Part I

State of Humankind – Part II

Sinners Beware!