Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots

JCRyle-HolinessA forgotten masterpiece from the celebrated 19th-century Anglican bishop. Ryle calls for a Christ-centered life of discipleship and is eager that believers should exhibit holiness in all aspects of their lives, both public and private. Filled with any number of sound, vital biblical principles.

Dr. John MacArthur from his foreward:

The doctrine of sanctification is still widely misunderstood despite its massive implications for Christian living. That makes the need for this book as great as ever. No doubt, the need is actually greater than ever because we live in a generation that has shown a declining interest while a multitude of churches are decreasing their emphasis and dependence on the scriptures. Ryle’s book offers a helpful antidote to all of those issues.”

D. M. Lloyd-Jones remarks:

Ryle, like his great masters, has no easy way to holiness to offer us, and no “patent” method by which it can be attained; but he invariably produces that “hunger and thirst after righteousness” which is the only indispensable condition to being “filled.” May this book be widely read, that God’s name be increasingly honoured and glorified.

Pastor David Washington of Berean Home Fellowship:

There are few books that I would say that you must have in your library and read over and over next to the scriptures themselves. This is one of them. Ryle’s insights are profound, hard hitting, and layered with truth. This book is absolutely essential to add to your library when it comes to being what God has called us as His people to be.

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