A New Year, A New Scriptural Journey

Ephesians - Finding Our True Identity

Ephesians - Finding Our True IdentityIt’s 2016 and we have been blessed to enter into the beginning of another year. For many, this may signify a new resolve on the area of  being more dedicated to reading the word, praying, or getting rid of distractions to focus on more spiritual pursuits. It’s the time for goal setting and we look with excitement and anticipation as we look ahead to the future.

The sad thing about New Year’s resolutions is that they all fall apart about two weeks in. The wonderful thing about exposition of the word of God as a church is that you never have to be concerned with whether or not you’re going to finish something as a church. Eventually you will if you just keep going right through that book.

This year, we here at Berean Home Fellowship have begun a new series called Ephesians: Finding Our True Identity. This, of course, is only for believers, not unbelievers. This is for the called, the saints, the elect of the Living God. There are some many deep and divine truths in this particular book that to properly do it justice would take much longer than the time that we’re going to give it as a church. However, we will be working through this wonderful Pauline epistle of Christian identity and life application and will be posting much of the teaching here at our website throughout the process.

We hope that you’ll join us this year as we journey through this wonderful piece of divine truth together.

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