The Grace of Christianity – Part I

There are two things that we can do as Christians when it comes to the grace of God or divine grace. The pendulum swings in one direction much too far and we have to develop a coherent and biblical view of grace in order to understand the goodness of God and what that goodness compels us to do. Join us in Part I of Grace in Christianity. … Continue readingThe Grace of Christianity – Part I

A Matter of Holiness – Part IV

J.C. Ryle said:

“We must be holy, because this is the only sound evidence that we have a saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

This is the importance of holiness in the life of the true Christian. Holiness is an attribute that we should cultivate so that we can reveal to the world the reality of God. This is the purpose of of holiness, to show forth God’s glory.

Continuing our series on holiness, we look at the importance of holiness looking specifically at emphasis that the scriptures places upon being holy. … Continue readingA Matter of Holiness – Part IV