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Learn More About God Podcast
Learn More About God Podcast
Coming in March, our podcast series Learn More About God gets an overhaul and officially launches weekly.
Walk Through the Bible
Walk Through the Bible
Have you ever read the Bible? The whole Bible? Most Christians have not. Join us as we read through the whole Bible chronologically and discover the richness that is the Word of God.

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Grace in Christianity – Part II
January 15, 2018
Grace in Christianity - Part II In part one of our series, we laid down the basic foundation of what common grace is which we also said was synonymous with b...
The Grace of Christianity – Part I
January 12, 2018
There are two things that we can do as Christians when it comes to the grace of God or divine grace. The pendulum swings in one direction much too far and we have to develop a coherent and biblical view of grace in order to understand the goodness of God and what that goodness compels us to do. Join us in Part I of Grace in Christianity.
Remembering R.C. Sproul
January 3, 2018
December 15th, 2017 was a sad day for the Christian church. A great leader of the faith, R.C. Sproul went to be with the Lord. Here's my personal testimony on how this great man help shaped my life.
500 Years and More
October 30, 2017
Protestant Christians have a rich heritage. The problem with that is that most Protestant Christians have no idea it is. When you say names like Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, Jon Hus, or Ulrich Zwingli, you may as well be speaking a different language. We have something to celebrate this year as it marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. It's surprising to a degree that we've come to this place because there are some alarming developments in the church.

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