A Matter of Holiness – Part IV

J.C. Ryle said:

“We must be holy, because this is the only sound evidence that we have a saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

This is the importance of holiness in the life of the true Christian. Holiness is an attribute that we should cultivate so that we can reveal to the world the reality of God. This is the purpose of of holiness, to show forth God’s glory.

Continuing our series on holiness, we look at the importance of holiness looking specifically at emphasis that the scriptures places upon being holy. … Continue readingA Matter of Holiness – Part IV

A Matter of Holiness – Part III

Carlo Carretto said about holiness, “The world and the cross do not get along too well together, and comfort and holiness do not share the same room.”

This is true. In our walk with the Most High God, being comfortable should never enter the equation in terms of us being satisfied with our holiness. This is assuming that we know how to pursue holiness. In this segment today, we begin with some practical teaching on how we can be holy. … Continue readingA Matter of Holiness – Part III

The Pattern of Prayer – Part I

We want to welcome David Bunts, a partner in ministry with Berean Home Fellowship. David is a music minister and teacher who goes by the moniker iNTELLECT. We are blessed to be co-workers with him in ministry. Today, he begins a new series on The Lord’s Prayer where he takes an in-depth look at this great example and encourages us how our prayers can reflect the example left behind for all of the Lord’s people. … Continue readingThe Pattern of Prayer – Part I

A Matter of Holiness – Part I

I want to lay out three main premises. They will explain why we should be holy, how to be holy, and what holiness looks like. My hope this morning is that you come away from this with a clearer understanding in who you are to be in the Lord and that it will strengthen your witness for Christ in the process and stir a desire in you to press on in holiness. … Continue readingA Matter of Holiness – Part I

The Pastorless Church – Part VI

In Part V of this series, we looked at the order of creation which is what Paul appealed to for his statement in having only males as pastors, elders, and deacons in the church. To drive home this point, we’ll conclude by looking at a summary pass through scripture of the myriad examples of the consistent nature of this position as it is presented in the word of God. … Continue readingThe Pastorless Church – Part VI